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Let me introduce myself. I’m Tasha Metamorfosis, an artist, illustrator, photographer, poet and dancer. All of these directions became the muse to each other. Most of the time I work from Moscow, Russia. I have been creating art since childhood. I spent 6 years in the artistic school and continue to increase my skills on plenty extra classes and courses after it.


Mainly I draw in watercolours and liners. My main spheres are pet portraits, calligraphy and illustrations about life situations. However I also create art works in acrylics and oils when I want to show deeper feelings.


I am inspired by architecture, nature and extreme sports. I have 2 cats, 2 fish tanks with 70 fish and plenty of green plants. And I can’t imagine my life without walks on a fresh air, contacting with animals, bicycle rides and table tennis sessions.



Here are some easiest ways to contact me.


Telegram @tmetamorfosis
E-mail tmeta@tmeta.ru


Also you can find out more social media accounts
on the links section.



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